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Book. Full-text available. No cytological indications were found for the inactivation of one of the two X chromosomes in the female cells. Cytological studies on Dipnoi, Urodela, Anura and.

Cytological studies on Dipnoi, Urodela, Anura and Emys. Simple search Advanced search - Research publications Advanced search - Student theses Statistics. Cytological studies on Dipnoi, Urodela, Anura and Emys. Wickbom, Torsten. Stockholm College. (English). The cytological method is that of direct observation.

The two methods are complementary in their natures. Crossing–over occurs when the pachytene chromosomes divide and tends to occur in definite positions in the chromosome, as a result of a special time and spacial sequence in formation.

One pair of large submetacentric chromosomes bears a secondary constriction in the short arm near the centromere. The diploid count of 24 chromosomes is peculiar to ranid species. Cytological studies on Dipnoi Presumably, two Author: Maria Luiza Beçak, Willy Beçak, Franklin L.

Roberts, Robert N. Shoffner, E. Peter Volpe, Kurt Benirs. Wasserman, A. O.: Chromosomal studies of the Pelobatidae Salientia and some instances of ploidy. Southwest. Nat. –, CrossRef Google ScholarAuthor: Maria Luiza Beçak, Willy Beçak, Franklin L.

Roberts, Robert N. Shoffner, E. Peter Volpe, Kurt Benirs. Further cytological studies on Anura and Urodela. Article. Jul ; TORSTEN WICKBOM. View. Got a technical question. Get high-quality answers from experts. Ask a question. times have been used synonymously (Book, et al., ).

I use the term "karyotype" in the same sense as Stebbins () in that it represents the phenotypic appearance of the mitotic chromosomes of a normal cell. Such phenotypic characteristics that might be observable are as follows: chromosome number; relative sizes of all chromosomes.

Wickbom T. (), «Cytological studies on Dipnoi, Urodela, Anura and Emys», Hereditas, 31(3 – 4), – Zavadil V. ( []), «On the distribution of water frogs (Rana esculenta synklepton) in the Czech Republic with some notes from this territory», Zool.

Urodela, 39(3 – 4), – Cytological abnormalities Criteria for distinguishing normal from abnormal cells In essence, a cervical screening programme depends on the ability of the cytologist to detect abnormal cells amongst the thousands of normal cells on a Papanicolaou-stained cervical smear or liquid-based cytology preparation using a light microscope.

Initial studies tested single chromosome probes Suklova et al published first study with multiple probes (10 probes tested) Highest sensitivity achieved with combination of 4 probes Chromosome 3 (CEP) Chromosome 7 (CEP) Chromosome 17 (CEP) Chromosome 9p21.

The following are the general categories of cytologic interpretation: Non-diagnostic Inflammation No cytologic abnormalities Hyperplasia/dysplasia Neoplasia Note: Often more than one category is present, as inflammation can result in dysplastic changes in the surrounding tissue and inflammation often accompanies a neoplastic process.

Non-diagnostic samples Many reasons for obtaining a non. consistent with cytological report. The cytological slides were carefully re-evaluated and it was noticed that the round to ovoid cells were actually basal and para-basal cells.

These cells had vesicular nuclei and cytoplasm had a greenish tinge in contrast to acantholytic cells which are almost of the same size but. This banner text can have markup. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation. Riv Biol. Oct-Dec;47(4) [Biological significance of the use of embryo extracts of Anura on Urodela].

[Article in Italian] Cytological studies on Dipnoi C. An illustration of an open book. Books. An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video. An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio. An illustration of a " floppy disk. Software. An illustration of two photographs.

Images. An illustration of a heart shape Donate. An illustration of text ellipses. Andrew A. Renshaw, in Cytology (Third Edition), Urine. Urine cytology is, at best, only moderately sensitive in detecting bladder cancer.

A representative summary of published studies on the sensitivity of cytology is provided in Table These studies likely overestimate the sensitivity of cytology because virtually all are affected by selection bias; patients with a malignant. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Cytological results of ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration cytology for thyroid nodules: emphasis on correlation with sonographic findings. Lee MJ(1), Hong SW, Chung WY, Kwak JY, Kim MJ, Kim EK.

Author information: (1)Department of Radiology and Research Institute of Radiological Science, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea. Cytological findings in direct preparations using cytoarchitectural features.

It is well recognised that detection of pathological lesions ranging from endometrial hyperplasia to endometrial carcinoma is crucial for appropriate patient management. However, there is controversy over the value of cytology in diagnosing these conditions.

Hi, Thanks for writing in. Microscopic examination of urine reveals the presence of cells in it and serves as a method for making a diagnosis. Presence of urothelial cells more than 10/lpf is considered abnormal.

This could happen due to sloughing of the tubular epithelium in conditions like kidney stones, nephrotic syndrome, trauma and instrumentation in the urinary tract. Examination of the stained cytological specimen is done under a microscope.

The quality of the cytology sample is first evaluated by observing the number of endometrial cells present. Then, the presence and relative number of inflammatory cells (white blood cells, especially neutrophils) (Figure ), bacteria, fungi and other debris is recorded.

Cytology. Otitis externa is a multifactorial disorder affecting the quality of life of 10% to 20% of dogs and 2% to 6% of cats presenting to veterinarians. 1 – 3 Although a common problem, management of otitis externa is frequently challenging. Seemingly simple cases can become complicated by treatment failure, recurrence, and progressively worsening physical changes.

stigate whether the obstructive pattern found in the urethra was related to the surgery or was present previously by performing a uroflow investigation before and after surgery in children operated for hypospadias and also in children with normal urethra as a control group in this study.

Materials and methods A total of 47 pediatric cases operated on and followed up with a diagnosis of. Welcome to the updated version of Pathology for Urologists. This program was designed to help Urology residents and fellows familiarize themselves with the pathologic features of common urologic entities.

This will serve not only as a resource tool for your review but. Soft tissue - Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma.

Botryoid embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma ("sarcoma botryoides") only occurs in certain locations, specifically beneath a mucosal epithelial lined viscera, such as the bladder, biliary tract, vagina or upper respiratory tract, extrahepatic bile ducts or near a space; rarely in eyelid or anal region.

Often has a grape-like ("botryoid") growth pattern. Uremic encephalopathy (UE) is a relatively new entity, resulting from a variety of metabolic alterations associated with acute or chronic renal failure.

It has a heterogeneous presentation, most often an acute or subacute onset of neurological symptoms including headaches, seizures, confusion, asterixis, ataxia or motor dysfunction [1]. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) findings and clinical. Fig. Basic principles of U-FISH assay.

The assay contains directly fluorescent dye-labelled single-strand DNA probes. Pre-analytical procedures include slide preparation (including pretreatment of pre-stained slides).

UroVysion assay starts with probe preparation and specimen—target—DNA denaturation followed by DNA hybridization of probes to target DNA sequences. Please add $ for shipping one book and $ for each additional book.

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ANALYSIS OF URINE CYTOLOGY AT A COMMUNITY HOSPITAL. Ibrahim Mansoor. Department of Pathology, St. John Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit.

Background: To review the pattern of urine cytology in our setting of a community hospital with age and gender distribution. Also to discuss the importance of this safe and inexpensive tool for diagnosing and screening urothelial cancers.

TABLE 1. Specific Tests, the Indications for the Tests, the Expected Results, and Corresponding Diagnoses for Ancillary Tests That May Be Performed on Abdominal Fluids; Not.

This may be the reason for apparent absence of one kidney on imaging studies performed on adults. Name the most common urinary tract anomaly. The most common anomaly is a partial or complete duplication of one or both ureters.

During embryologic development, the ureteric bud may split, and each split bud then lead to development of part of the. This paper describes computerized methods that have been used to quantify this slow wave activity and the results of studies that have employed such computerized techniques.

Practical information is furnished to guide those who wish to use these methods in their own research and practice. A survey of the limitations and pitfalls inherent in the.

Uterine Culture, Cytology & Biopsy, Hysteroscopy. Many responsible stallion owners require a "clean uterine culture" from a mare prior to breeding her live cover or shipping semen.

Gynecologic cytopathology is a subset of cytopathology. Gynecologic usually refers to Pap test specimens, i.e. uterine cervix, vaginal vault; other gynecologic specimens are considered non-gynecologic.

This article deals only with cervical cytopathology. An introduction to cytopathology is in the cytopathology article. Cervical cytology redirects to this article. View This Abstract Online; Uterine adenomyosis: endovaginal US and MR imaging features with histopathologic correlation.

Radiographics. ; 19 Spec No:S (ISSN: ). Reinhold C; Tafazoli F; Mehio A; Wang L; Atri M; Siegelman ES; Rohoman L. Authors: Wilson, A. Dan; Kaiser, W.J. Publication Year: Publication Series: Miscellaneous Publication Source: Mycologia 87(6),pp.

Abstract. Mating crosses in all possible combinations between 15 monoascosporic isolates of Didymella rabiei (Ascomycotina, Dothideales), derived from diseased chickpea stems collected at a single location in Genesee, Idaho, were. • Second volume to be published in the Essentials in Cytopathology series • full-color images • User-friendly and concise guide • Convenient format: Fits in lab coat pocket.

Indications. Cytologic examination of the urine sediment is of value in the diagnosis of a wide variety of benign and malignant diseases of the bladder, urethra, ureter, and kidney.

The principal indications for the use of cytology in disorders of the urinary tract include the following. Veterinary Anatomy Website Home Page.

The cytological diagnosis of these neoplastic cells is very difficult in low-grade tumors. The sensitivity of cytology for the diagnosis of bladder cancer is not very high; this is mainly due to the minimal morphological differences between the normal cells and the.

New genetic information behind urogenital track anomalies Date: April 4, Source: University of Helsinki Summary: Researchers have developed a new mouse model of congenital anomalies of kidney.Disorders of the Reproductive and Urinary Systems.

/ Klaphake, Eric; Paul-Murphy, Joanne R. Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery. Elsevier.The sections of the book have been structured to review the complexities of sample collection, manual/automated analysis, pitfalls, gray zones and controversies in diagnosis, as well as, issues not covered by other available materials.

Recent advancements in ancillary techniques like DNA ploidy, image analysis and molecular biology are.

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